Nathaniel’s Story

My first-ever mission: FIJI!!!

Nathaniel, getting ready for the mission... working to pay his way!

Nathaniel, getting ready for the mission… working to pay his way!

Hi I’m Nathaniel Leigh. I live in Christchurch, come from a family of six and I’m the oldest at 18-years old. I left school when I was 16 as I wasn’t enjoying it and I was lucky enough to get a part-part-part! time job at Countdown. I’ve probably been that typical teenager around home, not being that helpful, probably more of a pain in the neck really. And now? Well maybe I’m a squeak better!
So as for this mission trip? I heard about it last year but couldn’t go on it, and regretted that. I listened to them when they got back and saw how much they enjoyed it. From my disappointment of not going, I jumped at the chance to go this year. The biggest thing so far is learning to save, do my first budget, and find some more work. I never realised that by reducing my spending I could save so much.
I was really excited when my first-ever passport arrived, as I’ve never been overseas and have no idea what it will be like in Fiji. I heard its really different to NZ, whatever that means. I’m so excited about going and looking forward to going to the villages, seeing how they live, and talking to them.
But, I’m totally nervous at the same time.
I was thinking about where Moses was up against it at the Red Sea with the grumpy crowd and the Egyptians coming to get ‘em. Moses had nowhere to go and his only hope was in God. I think I will be in that situation heaps of times on this mission, not doing the Moses thing, but a bit anxious and desperate about what’s happening, and I will have to learn to trust that God will sort it out for me, and the team, and the leaders!
Now as it gets closer I’m trying to get more work, and been thinking about where I am with God. We haven’t been that close as I’ve been trying to sort out my life myself, but I think this is a really good chance to let God in, and together we can make a go of it. I just wish the next few weeks can zoom by as its going to be such an amazing experience. And I really want to do something good for God on the mission.

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