Fiji Team 2014


Youth Team 2014

Youth Team 2014

Bristling with enthusiasm and excitement, but at the same time nervous about what is around the corner, would be the feelings amongst the 25 team members preparing to travel to Fiji.
“I’ve never been out of NZ” and “I’ve never been on a ‘Mission’ experience trip” are common phrases heard amongst the predominately youthful team aged mainly between 15-21 years old.
The team has been earning their way with part time jobs, receiving support from families and friends, and their local Church St Stephens in Christchurch, has been offering support too.
The team will be visiting mission projects with support from the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia, and offering their help where they can with a Christian servanthood approach to their mission encounters.
Not long to go, the team are counting the sleeps down

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