55-years to build a toilet

The village school in the remote valley

The village school in the remote valley

55-years ago, a church was established in a remote Melanesian village deep down in a valley, that is isolated and the people were uneducated and unemployed. Surrounding crops being their only food source. A primary school was established that now caters for 290 children, while today the church caters for 300 villagers on a Sunday.
Last year the Village Chief, Rev Jone, shared the village’s desperate need for a new toilet block. Something they wanted to built when the church was established back in 1958. Since then it has been a longing dream. The only toilets are in the school that caters for the school and church, and now regularly break down.
The toilets are half completed, now lets finish them!

The toilets are half completed, now lets finish them!

The Golden Oldies Mission Group visiting the village heard the story and cry for help. They responded in said they would like to partner with the Village. But, the village had to make a start to raise the Fj$12,000 needed. Now, 11-months later, 55-years on, what was a only a rubbish heap has dramatically been transformed into a half completed new toilet complex. How? The village had a sense of hope that there were people beyond them who cared about them, and would support their dream. Miraculously they have raised Fj$6,000 and now with the support of the Golden Oldies and this NZCMS Families Mission this project is about to be completed. A wonderful example that a short-term mission can have real value and meaning.

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