Darkness prevails the Orphanage

Fijian and NZ children playing together at the orphanage

Fijian and NZ children playing together at the orphanage

The Orphanage, St Christopher’s, caters for children with many sad stories. The Anglican Sisters showing unparalleled Christian charity of personal self sacrifice and decades of compassionate care, transform an orphanage as best they can into a ‘home’.
Out team arrive to find the power is off, and we are greeted in partial darkness. Yet as a Sister says,
“we have no power, but Gods light will brighten our time together”. And she was right.
The orphans kids sang to us, our team responded in song, our children performed their stick dance, and then they were all released.
Out onto the large grassed field in front of the orphanage, the youth play volleyball, Dads and kids play basketball, Mums and toddlers played with bubble blowers, others chat one-on-one, our younger children are taught to climb coconut trees by the home boys (well sort of, getting about 1ft off the ground); and as darkness descended the shrieks of laughter from all over the field can be constantly heard.
“oh I wish I could bring these girls home to live with us” perhaps summed up the heart-felt feelings being expressed as we climbed back on the bus to return to our ‘home’ at the Bible College. A lasting treasured memory for everyone.
"oh what a thrill to spend time with these children"

“oh what a thrill to spend time with these children”

And as for the Hindu wedding…. the tempo is building as now the dancing begins. Head under the pillow time!

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