Bula! Welcome to Fiji



The mission team of 38, including 25 children, students and youth touched down in Nadi to the lovely warm chorus of Fijian music and song.
A quick shuttle service to our ‘set of digs’ at a local Nadi ‘hotel’ to allow us to prepare for our first evening at St Christophers Church for dinner and youth concert.
Thinking everyone was tired from the trip was quickly dispelled when everyone saw the hotel pool. It didn’t take long to see that this mission adventure will be hard work. Yet the evening was wonderful with the Fijian youth singing songs, delicious smorgasbord of Fijian ethnic food, and discussions ranging from church styles, schooling style and even who will win the Super 15 rugby!
First impressions have been “I love Fiji”, “its so cool”, “the people are amazing and really friendly”.
Sunday. Our bus broke down and the church service was delayed until we arrived late after it was quickly repaired. Would that have happened in NZ?! It was wonderful to see the children perform their stick item in church, and heart warming to see the way the minister prayed for each child prior to communion.
So that was Nadi, now onto Singatoka, but we’re running late for lunch there.
This mission thing is hard work!!!!

This mission thing is hard work!!!!

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