Books for Children

500 children's story books heading to Fiji

500 children’s story books heading to Fiji

The call came out to the team. Leave 5kg spare in your luggage… for children’s story books. Shopping bags filled with books were prepared and distributed to everyone at the last training session.
Over 500 books are winging their way with the NZCMS Families-Youth mission to Fiji that have been collected by team members and the Golden Oldies. These children’s books will be distributed to the children in the remote villages, and to the Church schools that are educating the children that come daily form the squatter settlements and slums.
A Village Mum said,
“we have no children’s story books, and our children need to learn and practice their English. Can you bring some children’s books to our village?”
And this is what the team will be doing on this mission. We will post photos later as our children handover the books to the Fijian children.

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